Wednesday, February 22, 2017

For the second interview i knew a lot about. In my family we don't have any health problems or anything like that. For the interview i interviewed my sister and the answers were :
1) none
2) No
3) No response
4) Face wash and other things too hard to pronounce
5) Eat lots of fruit and some veggies
6) A moderate amount
7) Family makes me happy
8) Anything but Thai, Indian, and Mediterranean
i also interviewed my cousin :
1) none
2) no
4) sunscreen
5) i eat alot of fruit nd lifestyle i live happly with my family.
6) dont excersice .-.
7) feeling my baby move
8) i like enchiladas
i interviewed my other cousin :
3: no response
5: no response
6:I exercise  in P.E everyday.
7:my phone makes me happy.
8: I like pizza or salad

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