Friday, March 3, 2017

For my interviews i learned a lot about my family and how different my cousins are from me health wise . Although it was fun to do these because i understood more not only about my family but about science. It wasn't that hard to find people to interview since i have so many cousins and aunts here. I only have family from my moms side here. My dads brother lives in san diego so we don't really see him that much unless they come over here or we go visit them.
The most interesting part about this was when i had to interview about different things. Noticing that they had different answers was weird .
my third interview was
1. none
3. no response
4 nope
5 no response
6. exercise in pe
7 pizza or salad

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

For the second interview i knew a lot about. In my family we don't have any health problems or anything like that. For the interview i interviewed my sister and the answers were :
1) none
2) No
3) No response
4) Face wash and other things too hard to pronounce
5) Eat lots of fruit and some veggies
6) A moderate amount
7) Family makes me happy
8) Anything but Thai, Indian, and Mediterranean
i also interviewed my cousin :
1) none
2) no
4) sunscreen
5) i eat alot of fruit nd lifestyle i live happly with my family.
6) dont excersice .-.
7) feeling my baby move
8) i like enchiladas
i interviewed my other cousin :
3: no response
5: no response
6:I exercise  in P.E everyday.
7:my phone makes me happy.
8: I like pizza or salad

Friday, February 3, 2017

 In my interview I talked about how different my parents are different than me . In the interview i mainly talked about how my mom and me both have really long and thick hair . me and my dad both get mad easily . me and my mom are both short . my mom is very sweet and i am very sweet too . My brother is creative and i'm creative . i have my dads eyebrows and eyelashes