Friday, January 9, 2015

It was a cold morning when students entered Mr Pham's classroom. Suddenly Mr Pham gave the whole class news. The library at Los Osos Middle School made up a new rule that now in order to go in the library you have to sign in first before lunch. The only reason the librarian made this rule up was because there was a lot of students in the library. Most students didn't like this rule they tried to give the librarian reasons why they didn't like this rule but so many other students were talking to her too. A couple of days later the library rule was taken away.
Soon Maggie went to go interview students at Los Osos Middle School about how they felt before the library rule was taken away. "Like i heard people talk about but it didn't really matter to me because i usually don't go to the library" a student at Los Osos Middle School said.
Most people don't know how this might be a problem to some students. Some people go to the library to study and do their homework but there are some students who just go there to talk and they distract other people. Many people have troubles thinking if the new rule is good or bad. It is just not right because some people cant go to the library before lunch to sign in. It is just wrong how only some students can go in the library.
Not many students go there for homework, just to talk to their friends. Most students don't get to concentrate on their work. After the next two days the librarian took that rule away because they thought there was too much problems with it.